Obama On Insurance; Or Rather, Obama Failing To Understand Insurance

Via theblogprof, we have here a clip of Obama discussing the car insurance policy that he had as a young man that “really wasn’t serious insurance” because it didn’t cover repairs to his “beat-up old car” when he was rear-ended. Now, think about this:  if you’re a young kid in college, you drive a beat up old car, and you’re … Read More

Curse That Inefficient, Messy Federalism!

Jonah Goldberg: …like butterflies always looking for a prettier flower, these intellectuals keep flitting to the next “proof” of America’s shortcomings. For some, such as New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, the prettiest flower out there right now is China. For others, it’s France or Canada. For the truly demented, it’s Cuba. The problem with all such efforts is that they look … Read More

Senator Jim Bunning Asks A Reasonable Question

Last night, Jim Bunning was the only Senator with the balls to stand up and object to some more out-of-control spending in order to ask how we’re paying for it: …when no other Senator, including anyone in Republican leadership, would stand up, Senator Bunning took to the floor to object to a unanimous consent request to call up and pass … Read More

We Welcome Charlie Rangel To The Blog

So Charlie Rangel, the 20-term congressman, notorious tax cheat and one of the prime authors of our nation’s tax code, was kinda-sorta let off the hook for all his bad behavior by the house ethics committee yesterday, and now Nancy Pelosi is out defending him.  Yeah, I know there’s no real story here, but I really wanted to get that … Read More

Oh Great. April in the D. Wonderful.

Well, here’s the new “April in the D” song that we’re going to hear over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over on FSN Detroit this year.  I don’t think it’s going to be as annoying as previous versions, but talk to me at the end of April and … Read More