I Hope This Is True


Health care: Pelosi and other top House Democrats say publicly that they have the votes to push through a comprehensive package, but privately, they know they don’t. Pelosi must balance the diverging interests of her own members while simultaneously satisfying Senate Democrats and working with President Barack Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, a former House colleague with whom she has an uneasy relationship.

I can’t tell you how much I hope that the bolded portion is true.  I’ve been disgusted with the Federal government before, but the last year and a half is really the first time that I’ve genuinely feared for the future of the country.  I worry for my kids.  I worry that they’ll be saddled with a massive tax load to support an ever-increasing and encroaching state.  I worry that the inevitable consequences of Obamacare-style “health care reform” will have kicked in by the time they’re old enough to be responsible for their own families and they won’t be able to get the care they need like I’ve been able to get for them.  I worry that America will be a dying country.

So yeah, I really hope that Pelosi doesn’t have the votes.  I really really hope so.  Because I want America to be America when my kids grow up, and Obamacare is a huge, possibly fatal move in the wrong direction.

Via Commentary.