Nathan Deal, American Hero?


U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal will delay his resignation from Congress by three weeks, citing intense pressure from House Republican leaders to remain and vote against President Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system.

You better believe I just left a message on Deal’s voicemail thanking him for his decision.  Everyone who does something like this to stop this monstrosity deserves our thanks.

Congressman Nathan Deal
Our Hero of the Day - Nathan Deal

Read This And Pass It On


The Senate-passed bill, upon which the president’s latest offering is modeled, would not let Americans keep the insurance they have today. It would impose deep cuts in the private-insurance component of Medicare, called Medicare Advantage. Those cuts would force millions of seniors out of their current coverage, against their will. They would get much less by way of benefits to boot. And many millions of workers would lose their job-based plans as employers opted to pay the government’s fines instead of offering heavily regulated coverage themselves.

The Congressional Budget Office has also found that the Senate bill would increase, not decrease, premiums, as the president was forced to admit at the Blair House summit meeting last week. One-size-fits-all federal insurance requirements would force millions of Americans to buy more expensive coverage than they have selected in today’s marketplace. Research by a private actuarial firm shows that premiums would jump by more than 50 percent in the individual market and 20 percent for those in small employer plans.

The Senate bill would also impose massive middle-class tax increases, not cuts. There are new levies on insurers and device and drug makers in the Senate plan that would get passed on directly to middle-class consumers.

via The President’s Imaginary Health Plan – The Editors on National Review Online.

This Just In: Paul Ryan Still Possibly Superman

The Weekly Standard:

The bottom line? Despite the liberal pushback, Ryan’s arguments remain compelling. (The Journal has more on them here.) Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. When a politician finds his moment, everything breaks his way.

Rep. Paul Ryan
Smooth. Natural. Paul Ryan.

A Reminder:

With the “temporary leave of absence” that Charlie “Exonerated” Rangel has embarked upon due to the fact that he’s, well, corrupt as hell, we just about got saddled with this arrogant ass as chair of Ways and Means.  Instead we get… oh lord it’s Carl Levin’s older brother Sandy.  Faaaan-tastic.

Charlie Rangel, enjoying the good life.
Seriously, Chairman Rangel is really broken up about all this.

I Called Bart Stupak’s Office Today.

I don’t make a habit of calling congressional offices outside my district; especially not Democrat congressional offices outside my district.  But I made an exception for Bart Stupak today.

Now, I hadn’t seen this coming.  The backstory is this:  Stupak is one of the ostensibly “pro-life Democrats” in congress.  Now, I’m very skeptical about the idea of “pro-life Democrats,” because it seems that often, when the rubber hits the road, they’re about as “pro-life” as blue dog Democrats tend to be fiscally conservative – in other words, when their party really needs the votes for an abortion bill or some crazy spending, they will ultimately vote like, well, Democrats.  And Stupak, while claiming to have pro-life principles, seemed quite willing to sell them out when it came to Obamacare.  Witness his pathetic town hall performance in Cheboygan, Michigan last year:

This is a pathetic cop-out.  Pro-lifers are pro-life because of the principle of the thing – unborn children are human, and by virtue of the fact that they are human they are entitled to the right to life.  Just getting a vote on his amendment is not enough to satisfy that principle; if you actually believe what you say about abortion, you have to have that amendment in the bill or it’s no deal.  So in the above clip, the obvious conclusion to draw is that if Stupak is willing to sell out his belief in the sanctity of human life that easily, then he’s obviously pro-life for political reasons rather than out of any deep-seated conviction.

But fast forward to last fall’s House vote on Obamacare – Stupak actually stood up and demanded that his pro-life language be inserted into the bill.  He went to the mat.  He got it done.  And now the Democrats face a major obstacle to final passage of the bill, due to the fact that the Senate bill does not include Stupak’s amendment, and would, in point of fact, channel federal funds to abortion services.

Now comes news that Stupak has 12 dems ready to flip their votes to no on Obamacare if the abortion language isn’t included, and he claims that he’s willing to take the bill down if it doesn’t happen.

I left a message at Bart’s Petoskey, MI office today.  I told him that while I wasn’t a constituent of his, and while I’m certain that I’d have a lot of disagreements with him on a variety of issues, that I deeply appreciated the fact that he was willing to stand on principle on this issue, because after all, what’s more important than life?  And I even slipped in the message that if he ended up being the one to take this monstrosity down, I’d have to take him a bit more seriously in his potential campaign for Governor.  And you know what?  I would have to.  Because if the man is really going to stand on this principle in the face of what must be brutally intense pressure to cave, then he’s worth a second look.

I’d encourage all of you who are of like mind to give a call to Congressman Stupak, if not to endorse him for Governor, at least to let him know that you appreciate seeing a politician putting party aside in defense of a more important principle.

Why I Miss George W. Bush

For all his flaws, and he did have flaws, Bush was an honorable guy.  And he still is:

When George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, he and Laura got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood. He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped. Bush only ask for directions to the hospital then drove on. The gate guard called that “The president is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital.” The base went bananas looking for Obama. When they found it was Bush they immediately offered escort and Bush simply told them to let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead. He stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House. Obama flew in days later and held a “photo ” session in a gym and did not even go to the hospital. All this I picked up from two soldiers here who happened to be at Fort Hood when it happened.

President & Mrs. Bush visiting the wounded at Ft. Hood.
Mr. President, you're a class act.