I Still Approve Of This Beatdown.

Andrew Stuttaford, on the EU Parliament: Sleazy, profoundly undemocratic and wary of real debate, the EU’s parliament is a grotesque parody of what a parliament is meant to be. This statement comes in response to the fining of British MEP for this fabulous verbal beatdown of European council president, Herman van Rompuy: Any excuse to repost that video is adequate.

Krauthammer Explains It All

Why is Obamacare so unpopular when individual portions of it poll so well? …that seven-hour televised exercise had the unintended consequence of showing the Republicans to be not only highly informed on the subject, but also, as even Obama was forced to admit, possessed of principled objections — contradicting the ubiquitous Democratic/media meme that Republican opposition was nothing but nihilistic … Read More