Just Send A Letter Already

Bush State of the Union
Forgive me. I can't stomach having another picture of The One on the blog.

One of my solemn promises to the American people is that when I’m elected president, I’m going to force the morons in Congress to read the State of the Union Address on their own instead of wasting everyone’s time by delivering the address in person.  Plus, as a bonus, It’s going to be really dry and boring.  In lieu of the media circus, I’ll spend my evening over at the White House residence playing Wii with the kids.  I guess I have George Will’s endorsement:

We could take one small step toward restoring institutional equilibrium by thinking as Jefferson did about State of the Union addresses. Justice Antonin Scalia has stopped going to them because justices “sit there like bumps on a log” in the midst of the partisan posturing — the political pep rally that Roberts described. Sis boom bah humbug.

Next year, Roberts and the rest of the justices should stay away from the president’s address. So should the uniformed military, who are out of place in a setting of competitive political grandstanding. For that matter, the 535 legislators should boycott these undignified events. They would, if there were that many congressional grown-ups averse to being props in the childishness of popping up from their seats to cheer, or remaining sullenly seated in semi-pouts, as the politics of the moment dictates.

In the unlikely event that Obama or any other loquacious modern president has any thoughts about the State of the Union that he does not pour forth in the torrential course of his relentless rhetoric, he can mail those thoughts to Congress. The Postal Service needs the business.

AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!  The SOTU speech is always bad, but I’ve had enough of Obama’s prattle to last two lifetimes already.


What we are seeing now may or may not be the end game in the debate over health care. There can be no doubt, however,  that we are seeing an effort to make an end run—an end run around democracy and accountability. Obama and his mandarins think they know what’s best for you. Therefore, although they are willing to pay lip service to democracy, they are perfectly willing to subvert it if it suits their purposes.

via Roger’s Rules » The Slaughter Solution and Other Acts of Desperation.