Scott Brown Tells The Truth

Delivering the Republican response to President Pantsonfire’s weekly cavalcade of leftist BS: Somehow, the greater the public opposition to the healthcare bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway. Their attitude shows Washington at its very worst – the presumption that they know best, and they’re going to get their way whether the American people like … Read More

Is Slaughtering The Bill Constitutional?

Louise "Brutal" Slaughter

Since the reprehensible Nancy Pelosi has decided to pursue the route proposed by the disgusting-yet-aptly-named Louise Slaughter and “deem” the Senate health care bill “passed” if the House votes to approve the “fix” bill that goes along with it (I’m still confused as to how this solution would shield the Dems from responsibility for passing Obamacare, which they are trying … Read More

Just Send A Letter Already

One of my solemn promises to the American people is that when I’m elected president, I’m going to force the morons in Congress to read the State of the Union Address on their own instead of wasting everyone’s time by delivering the address in person.  Plus, as a bonus, It’s going to be really dry and boring.  In lieu of … Read More


What we are seeing now may or may not be the end game in the debate over health care. There can be no doubt, however,  that we are seeing an effort to make an end run—an end run around democracy and accountability. Obama and his mandarins think they know what’s best for you. Therefore, although they are willing to pay … Read More

Pile On!

Robert Gibbs

I’m so excited that I got to add the “go easy on Robert Gibbs because he’s dumb you see” tag that I’m going to do another Gibbs post to celebrate!  Here’s Allahpundit on his rejoinder to Cheif Justice Roberts’ comments about Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court at the State of the Union “I don’t know why they’d feel uncomfortable,” … Read More


Woah: U.S. Senate Majority Harry Reid’s wife suffered a broken neck and back in an auto accident today though her injuries are not life-threatening, his spokesman said. Reid’s wife Landra also has a broken nose, and the couple’s daughter Lana suffered a neck injury and facial cuts, Jon Summers, a spokesman for the Nevada Democrat, said in a statement. Via … Read More