Tea For Twenty-Four (Percent, That Is)

Tea Party
Damn Nazis!

Turns out that a full quarter of the US population are vile, unapologetic racist Nazis:

Twenty-four percent (24%) of U.S. voters now say they consider themselves a part of the Tea Party movement, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. That’s an eight-point increase from 16% a month ago.

Another 10% say they are not a part of the movement but have close friends or family members who are.

Hitler would be so proud!  Also worth noting:

More noticeably, 96% of the Political Class regard the Tea Party movement unfavorably, while 58% of Mainstream voters have a favorable opinion of the movement.

Screw the political class, I say.  Via Gabe@AceOSpades.

Washington Idiots “Solve” Health-Care “Crisis” By Creating Genuine Health-Care Crisis

60+ Hospitals in the development stage will be canceled because of ObamaCare, massive doctor shortage looms.

Great work there, morons!