Prayers for the Biden family

Oh man; you hate to hear this kind of news:

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden has been hospitalized.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the 41-year-old son of Vice President Joe Biden is undergoing treatment for an apparent stroke.

Remember to say a prayer for Beau Biden and his family today.

Update: Looks like it was a minor stroke, and he’s doing reasonably well.  Good news.

Jan Brewer FTW

Arizona’s Governor blows Obama out of the water:


Via JWF, in case you’re under any illusions that this issue isn’t a winner in Arizona — the national media’s hysteria notwithstanding — look no further than this. It reminds me of The One’s vow to have Democrats run on ObamaCare in the fall, the only difference being that Brewer’s approval rating bounced 16 points in two weeks after the immigration law passed and Obama’s approval bounced … ahem.

Seriously, Democrats – run on this issue.  Run on amnesty.  Do it.  I beg you.

The Greatest Ever Is Gone

Ernie Harwell | 1918-2010
Ernie Harwell | 1918-2010

How many nights did I spend as a kid, laying in bed on a stuffy summer night under just a sheet with the rest of the blankets bunched down by my feet, trying to ignore the humidity, and listening to the voice of a man from Georgia who had been transplanted into Detroit to call baseball games for the Tigers?

Ernie Harwell, along with his broadcasting partner Paul Carey, taught me to love baseball.  Ernie taught me the cadences of broadcasting, the rhythm of the game, and the amazing power of the spoken word to break down the reality he took in with his eyes and send it hundreds of miles over the air to be reconstructed in vivid detail in my mind.  He was an artist – a genius with words – and I have never heard a voice like his since he left the broadcast booth.

Just prior to my high school graduation, I received a letter in the mail from the Ernie Harwell Foundation; it informed me that I had received a $500 scholarship.  It was completely unexpected – it turned out that I had been nominated for it by an english teacher.  I was thrilled to have received a letter signed by the man himself, and honored.  A few years later, I was working at the local sports radio station as a producer on the morning show and got to call Ernie at his home in order to get him on the line for a scheduled interview.  I took the opportunity to thank him for that scholarship, and I remember how humble he was in response.  The Foundation had apparently been shut down at that point, but he told me how pleased he was that he could help a number of young people in some small way.  He went on to do his interview on the show, which was great as usual – the guy had a million fantastic stories to tell – and that was that.

I got to talk to Ernie Harwell on the phone.  What a thrill.

Ernie Harwell’s voice is a treasured part of my life.  That voice has been silenced now, but it will live on in my memories.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his beloved wife Lulu and the family he leaves behind.

And this is for Ernie:

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;
the time of the singing of birds is come,
and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land…

Democrats Seek Help From Psychologist

I don’t see how this is going to help, as psychologists can’t prescribe drugs and the Dems are clearly off their meds.  But for what it’s worth:

…retiring Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan (N.D.) recently brought psychologist Drew Westen in to see the Democratic caucus, because Dorgan is convinced that the Democrats’ problem is one of messaging.

This always comes up, again and again, whenever the Dems run themselves onto the PR rocks.  It’s never the ideas that are wrong; no, the ideas and the actions they take based on those ideas are good and right.  The problem is always that the stupid voters out there have just missed the point.  They just don’t understand that the Democrat party is made up of people who just want to help them and do good things for them.  If only we understood the good intentions behind their actions, we’d all be rushing to the polls to pull the lever for Carl “Shitty” Levin and his ilk.

Lucy's Psychiatry Stand
I wonder if Congress has adequate psychiatric coverage in their health plan?

You guys keep on believing that it’s just messaging.  Just keep telling yourselves that.

Dr. Westen told the Democrats that they need to strike a more populist chord, explaining that the best way to win over voters is to use simple language that engages the brain’s “frontal emotion circuits.”  In other words, since reason can’t provide much help in defending the Democrat’s policies, perhaps emotion can.  CQ reports that the Democrats gave Dr. Westen a round of applause and have started taking his advice.

Great.  Now we can look forward to even more condescension from our Senatorial betters.  I can’t wait to have Debbie Stabenow explain to me yet again that she understands my anger about government spending and that’s why she voted to spend all the money they can print on the ridiculous scheme that we’re not supposed to call Obamacare anymore.  I’m sure if she just tweaks her message I’ll be sprinting to the front of her campaign volunteer line.

Jeffrey Anderson has it right:

Taking the psychologist’s advice, perhaps the Democrats should say, “We know you’re angry that we passed Obamacare in direct defiance of your will.  We know you’re angry that this Congress and this president have racked up more deficit spending in two years than President Bush and the previous four Congresses — hardly models of frugality in their own right — did in eight.  We feel your pain.  We understand your anger.  So please vote for us.”

This is going to take some getting used to…

…for an airport geek like me, anyway:

Well that's different.

Yes, United and Continental are merging.  So my current favorite airline (CO) is merging with an airline that I haven’t made it onto yet (UAL), keeping the United name but ditching the UAL logo and livery for Continental’s.  Which is OK, I guess, considering that CO has a nice looking fleet, but I really did like the new UAL colors that they introduced a while back.

I guess this could mean that I’m going to be flying through ORD more often…

Meh. Should have kept UAL's font.