Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

Charles Krauthammer

President Obama was asked a question in a recent town hall meeting on tax increases in Obamacare.  He took 17 minutes to finish his response.  Charles Krauthammer manages to dismantle it in about 6 sentences:

I don’t know why you’re so surprised. It’s only nine times the length of the Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln was answering an easier question: the higher purpose of the Union and [of the death of] soldiers who fell in battle.

The president had an easy answer. He could have said: I wanted to make history with health care and to do it, I have to raise your taxes. Sure, it’s not a good time economically in the middle of a recession, but politically, I had to, because I have a majority in Congress and I’m going to lose it in November. End of answer.

What a loathsome government we have right now.