I Think It’s Time For A Blog Hiatus.

November is coming. November is coming. For now, I’m just going to set all this aside and focus on praying for the election of a solid base of sensible leaders to Congress who can undo some of the mess we’re now in. And seriously – God save America.


Woah: U.S. Senate Majority Harry Reid’s wife suffered a broken neck and back in an auto accident today though her injuries are not life-threatening, his spokesman said. Reid’s wife Landra also has a broken nose, and the couple’s daughter Lana suffered a neck injury and facial cuts, Jon Summers, a spokesman for the Nevada Democrat, said in a statement. Via … Read More

Best Wishes, Senator

Just across the wires on NRO: Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D., N.J.) has been diagnosed with what doctors are calling “treatable” stomach cancer.  Thoughts and prayers. I’ll second that.  Here’s hoping that the treatments go smoothly and are successful.