Shirley Sharrod isn’t exactly clean and pure as the wind driven snow

I’ve been following the whole Andrew Breitbart vs. the NAACP/Obama Administration dustup involving the videotape of Shirley Sharrod of the USDA admitting to racial discrimination in carrying out her past duties before an audience at an NAACP event, and it’s just unpleasant.  Brietbart has a point, of course – Sharrod’s admissions of racism do garner murmurs of approval from the … Read More


Just got back from lunch.  The TV in the office building lobby is tuned to CNN.  Onscreen?  Grainy video of a chicken.  The lower third reads as follows: GOOSE-STEPPING CHICKEN IN TURKEY Militant Chicken Parades Around Parking Lot Aaaaaaaand that just about guarantees that I’ll never watch CNN again in my life.

Helen Thomas Is Far Beyond Being The Butt Of Jokes Now

This is unbelievable: So the Jews should get out of their historic homeland to return to the countries in which they were slaughtered wholesale within the past century?  Really, Helen? The Weekly Standard describes this as “beyond disturbing.”  It most certainly is.  I want to hope that this attitude isn’t reflective of the MSM as a whole, but I fear … Read More

Idiots At MSNBC Fail To Grasp Simplest Concepts

Actual MSNBC chyron: “Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant.” Hey geniuses: it’s already a crime to be an illegal immigrant. You might have been tipped off by the term “Illegal Immigrant.” Ace notes that the idiocy isn’t restricted to MSNBC, and adds: In related news, Minnesota is “seriously considering” a law that would make the intentional killing … Read More