“Fine, then it’s dead.”

So says Senator Kent Conrad: Conrad, who has been open to reconciliation as long as the fixes are limited, said the order must be reversed. The House must pass the Senate bill first — before either chamber considers the reconciliation package, he said. “I don’t know of any way, I don’t know of any way where you can have a reconciliation bill pass … Read More

How the mighty have fallen

For Obama to have fallen from a President whose dominant narrative was that he was a transformational figure to being one who really might be a one-termer, in less than a year, is pretty stunning. via Why the CNN Poll is Stunning – Real Clear Politics – TIME.com.

Doubling Down on Dumb

What a difference a year makes: Let’s state up front that both parties can act stupidly, and both can engage in almost comically self-destructive behavior at times. History is littered with examples. But never in my lifetime have I seen members of a party engage in such willful self-deception as liberal Democrats are doing today. This is both stupid and … Read More

More of this, please. MUCH more.

So much awesome in this headline: Unionized Rhode Island Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them via Derb at NRO.  Shades of PATCO.