Commencing Facebook Abandonment

So you know, Facebook is death and cancer and death-cancer all wrapped up into a tiny little ball of rage that lives deep within your guts and eats away at your soul. So I’m really cutting down on that of late with the intent of moving back to just a standard ol’ blog as my online presence.

Also, it spies on you like a 21st century Stasi on steroids. There’s that too. Don’t want to forget about that.

And Mark Zuckerberg still can’t grow a beard and man, I’d like to punch that guy.

Anyway: The blog is back, baby! Not all the time, to be sure. Chances are I’ll look back here in a year and be sort of embarrassed about how I did this post and then did one more and then forgot about it altogether. But, you know, the journey of a million miles and all that jazz.