Does Michael Gerson Actually Believe This?

Obamacare is Obama’s idea of “the Middle Path“?

Whatever the legislative fate of health reform — now in the hands of a few besieged House Democrats — the health reformers have failed in their argument. Their proposal has divided Democrats while uniting Republicans, returned American politics to well-worn ideological ruts, employed legislative tactics that smack of corruption, squandered the president’s public standing, lowered public regard for Congress to French revolutionary levels, sucked the oxygen from other agenda items, re-engaged the abortion battle, produced freaks and prodigies of nature such as a Republican senator from Massachusetts, raised questions about the continued governability of America and caused the White House chief of staff to distance himself from the president’s ambitions.It is quite an accomplishment.

For the president, it must also be quite a shock, because he thought he was taking a reasonable, middle path on health reform.

Not a moderate.

Not a moderate.

Look, I know Obama poses as a moderate; that was part of the reason that he was electable in 2008, and even though at this point it’s ludicrous for him to pretend to be concerned about the deficit, the debt, and out of control spending, he still goes out and talks the talk.  Heck, he’s still claiming that Obamacare is going to help bring the deficit down over time even though that claim has been so thoroughly debunked that to do so should make him look like an utter fool every time he opens his mouth on the subject.

No, I don’t think that Obama looks at this and sees a “reasonable, middle path” approach.  I think he looks at this as an acceptable first step on the road to single payer health care.  He would never level with the taxpayers on that, to be sure, because that would be the death of the enterprise.  But the fact remains that Obama is no moderate.  He is not reasonable.  He most certainly is, despite his claims to the contrary, an ideologue.  That is the only reason for him to continue to double- and even triple-down on this nasty health care plan that has been overwhelmingly rejected by the voters.  That’s the reason that he says he wouldn’t mind being a one-term president as long as he gets health care reform.  That’s why the polls showing a growing Republican wave election coming straight at him don’t seem to bother him.  He’s an ideologue.  He’s a true believer. This is exactly the reason why Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn really did matter in the 2008 election.  Obama was never looking for a “middle way,” because Obama is a creature of the left.  Those of us on the right that pointed this out during the election were derided, mocked, and laughed at.  Now?  Not so much.