Harkin: “We May Be Closer Together” Than We Thought

Sen. Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin - Just one of the bright lights trying to bring you "Health Care Reform."

Um, Senator Harkin? I’m pretty sure I can assure you that you’re really not all that close at all:

Indeed, when Republicans like John McCain and Eric Cantor disagree and say the differences are far more substantive, these are the moments that have triggered the president’s anger. Fascinating. Democrats are seeking to turn around their fortunes on health care by hugging the GOP.

Note as well:  This man also apparently believes that insurance risk-pooling is akin to racial segregation:

After remarking that the U.S. bans discrimination on the basis of race, religion, creed, and national origin, Harkin said, “We still allow segregation in America today based on health. Why should we allow that to happen? This is why health-care reform is so vital.”

I suppose that it’s possible to say that Republicans (or at least those of the more conservative persuasion) and Democrats may be close together in believing that our current health care payment system is not working well and in need of reform, but to think that conservatives could ever come to agreement with people who make statements like that in an effort to “reform” the health care system is just crazy.