Chris Christie Goes To 11

The Greatest Governor in American History tells the teachers’ union in New Jersey to go piss up a rope (to use Dave in Texas’ phrase over at AoSHQ):

I seem to recall a time when everyone was so high on Bob McDonnell in Virginia, and Christie was the bonus blue-state win.  Anyone heard from McDonnell lately?  Meanwhile, Christie refuses to back down.  SO. MUCH. AWESOME.

Chris Christie is the Greatest of All American Governors

I believe Glen Beck coined the phrase “common sense porn.”  More of this please:

Via Allahpundit.  One has to appreciate Rita Wilson’s ballsy move of claiming that “teachers do it because they love it” (can I get that on a t-shirt?) immediately after whining bitterly about how much money she’s going to be losing by… not taking a pay hike and contributing a tiny amount to her benefits. The day that teacher unions are demolished without mercy is the day I dance in the streets overwhelmed by joy and gratitude.

Jan Brewer FTW

Arizona’s Governor blows Obama out of the water:


Via JWF, in case you’re under any illusions that this issue isn’t a winner in Arizona — the national media’s hysteria notwithstanding — look no further than this. It reminds me of The One’s vow to have Democrats run on ObamaCare in the fall, the only difference being that Brewer’s approval rating bounced 16 points in two weeks after the immigration law passed and Obama’s approval bounced … ahem.

Seriously, Democrats – run on this issue.  Run on amnesty.  Do it.  I beg you.

Congressional Geniuses Shoot Selves In Foot, Reload, Shoot Selves In Groin For Good Measure

Speaker Pelosi poses in front of a metaphor for her congressional majority

Here at From The Maas, we love to chronicle the exploits of the Olympian Geniuses who populate the marbled halls of the United States Congress.  Like all Americans, we stand in awe of the massed intellectual firepower of our legislative world-beaters as they demonstrate daily their administrative prowess and nearly all-consuming attention to detail, all for the purpose of improving the lives of the common American citizen.

Oh, by the way, they may have accidentally cut off their own health care coverage when they voted to pass Obamacare.

Turns out that fantastically long, mind-bogglingly complex bills which no one has actually read may create unintended consequences. Remember how they forgot to require insurers to cover kids with preexisting conditions? Oh, and they forgot initially to let young adults be covered by their parents’ insurance until Reid fixed it in reconciliation. Now this. Who knew that when Pelosi said they’d have to pass the bill so that people could find out what’s in it, “people” meant Congress?

[starts slow clap]

Congratulations, Congress.  You’ve outdone yourselves.  Why don’t you just take the rest of the year off?  Really, you could use a break.  And frankly, so could we.