Power Line shared this video in a post yesterday on the Health Care “Summit” at Blair House, and it’s a fine example of Paul Ryan taking the Democrat attendees (including Obama) to school on why their proposal is a disastrous sham.  Ryan is absolutely correct to note that this “reform” is filled with cynical accounting gimmicks that are going to … Read More

Paul Ryan, Again, Not Sucking

More from today’s sham summit: Perhaps most important, Ryan confronted the Democrats with the issue of the “Doc Fix” — a separate bill that would have added $371 billion to the Democrats’ legislation if it hadn’t been stripped out. The Doc Fix would have prevented Medicare reimbursements to doctors from plummeting by 21 percent, a drop that Congress put into … Read More

Tea Parties… In Great Britain?

We often hear that America should be more civilized like our friends across the pond in Europe.  But is this a sign that our friends across the pond are starting to become a little more like us? Conservatives in Britain will hold their first Tea Party protest in Brighton on Saturday, with British member of the European parliament (and frequent … Read More


Best Craigslist ad I’ve ever seen: You bet your nomadic ass it is. Do you want to be homeless? Then you better come check this room for rent out. It has WALLS and a CEILING. BLOCKS THE F’N WIND AND RAIN FOOL! ZOMG THE LOCATION IS THE SHIT. You can WALK to Washington Avenue from here. So you can get … Read More