Obamacare: The Greatest Show On Earth

Artist’s rendering of Wednesday’s meeting

Roll Call posted a fascinating article on Wednesday detailing the growing sense of concern (or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it PANIC!) that many Congressional Democrats—especially those in marginally safe to contested seats—are experiencing over the rolling catastrophe of Obamacare’s implementation. For those who opposed the passage of the law in the first place, it’s a somewhat satisfying scene, which Jonah Goldberg is correct to refer to as a sort of “Schadenfreudarama.” Now, granted: it’s not a completely satisfying sort of schadenfreude; it would be much more satisfying if the consequences of the massive failure only affected those who insisted on pushing the thing through in the first place, and didn’t involve millions of people losing health insurance plans that they liked, with millions more likely on the way—along with the hardships that fact will entail for so many people. But in these days of chaos and confusion, I suppose I’ll take comfort in what little scraps of enjoyment come from watching those who supported this massive act of legislative malpractice scramble to save themselves from the consequences of their actions (which, of course, they had repeatedly been warned about).

But back to that article, which provides details on a meeting that occurred Wednesday between House Democrats and White House officials in which members of Congress basically demanded that the Obama Administration FIX THIS MESS. Some of the quotes in the article seem to me quite revealing of the mentality that prevails on the left side of the aisle in Congress*. For instance:

“Why can’t we call people who know how to do these things, who do it for corporate America, and say, ‘We have a website, fix it?’” asked Rep. José E. Serrano, D-N.Y. “Maybe I’m being simplistic, but can’t we call Bill Gates up and say, ‘Take care of this?’ Or go to a college dorm and say, ‘You guys, you invented Yahoo, can you take care of this?’”

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Pelosi: Happy New Year, Peasants! Oh, and feel free to die in a fire.

Allahpundit is right:  this is the perfect way for Nancy Pelosi to end her tenure as Speaker of the House.  Paternalistic?  Check.  Arrogant?  Check.  Detached from reality?  Checky-check-check-check.

And so our shameless, reckless, intrusive, imperious, and borderline-tyrannical 111th Congress slimes its way across the finish line without a hint of regret or introspection.  Here’s hoping that there’s enough time to undo the damage they did before the country collapses under the weight of all the debt.

The Socialist

Paul Ryan (R-Awesometown) Attempts Adult Conversation With Democrat

Naturally, the effort failed, as Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is not an adult, but rather a political point-scoring machine.  Granted, a badly programmed and defective machine, but a machine nonetheless:

What we learn from this, once again, is that a) Democrats have no ability to look beyond the next election, and b) Paul Ryan is still Superman.

Honest Democrats are Rare and Precious

…and should be kept away from Congress like the rest of them all the same.  Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello had this to say back in March:

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned up here (in Washington) and I didn’t really need to come up here to learn it, is the only way to get Congress to balance the budget is to give them no choice, and the only way to keep them out of the cookie jar is to give them no choice, which is why – whether it’s balanced budget acts or pay as you go legislation or any of that – is the only thing. If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing”

Here’s the video:

For once, I believe we have a case of a Congressman telling us the truth.  I look forward to seeing this chump’s hand’s tied in November.  Hopefully he’ll  be sent safely away from the Capitol where he can’t do any more legislative damage.

It’s Simple: Obama and His Allies are Filthy Liars

This was obvious to many during the 2008 campaign, but unfortunately not the majority.  And now we have a massive health-care “reform” disaster, all based on misinformation, obfuscation, and (mostly) outright, bald-faced lying.  For instance, all throughout the process of shoving Obamacare through Congress, Obama and his cronies insisted repeatedly that the individual mandate did not represent a tax increase.  Obama repeatedly and emphatically stated as much when he was confronted by George Stephanopoulos in an interview on ABC last year.  But, as everyone now seems to be realizing, Obama is a filthy liar.  This is evidenced by the fact that

…under the legislation signed by President Obama in March, most Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014. In a brief defending the law, the Justice Department says the requirement for people to carry insurance or pay the penalty is “a valid exercise” of Congress’s power to impose taxes.

DOJ argues that the penalty is a tax because it will raise substantial revenue: $4 billion a year by 2017, according to the Congressional Budget Office. And according to the Times, the penalty is imposed and collected under the Internal Revenue Code, and people must report it on their tax returns “as an addition to income tax liability.” Because the penalty is a tax, the department says, no one can challenge it in court before paying it and seeking a refund.

That’s from Peter Wehner, who goes on to note the following:

This is just one example of a systematic pattern of misinformation and disinformation related to the health-care campaign. We have seen similarly dishonest claims related to funding abortion (ObamaCare is doing exactly that), bending the cost curve down (it will bend it up), lowering premiums (they will rise), and to allowing Americans to keep the coverage they currently have (many won’t).

In many respects, the Obama administration has shown itself to be thoroughly postmodern; words have no objective meaning. Reality can be molded to the whims of the most powerful. We can each construct our own narrative.

In the case of the president, the narrative is fairly simply: whatever advances his own aims and objectives is defensible. The ends justify the means. If false claims have to be used to advance a larger truth, so be it.

The scum in Congress that passed this travesty should be thrown out of office.  And we can only hope the the leader of this contingent of lying filth – Obama himself – will pay dearly for all of his “accomplishments” at the polls in 2012.

I am genuinely uncertain what to think about this Alvin Greene guy.

No doubt you’ve heard the story by now of Alvin “No Comment” Greene, who won the South Carolina Democrat Party primary for US Senate.  He’s the nominee, with 61 percent of the vote, to run against (and presumably be slaughtered by) incumbent Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

Democrat Senate Nominee Alvin Greene of South Carolina
He's got 'em.

The odd thing about Greene is… well, everything about the guy is odd.  For starters, he’s an unemployed veteran of the US Air Force (he was discharged honorably, but not voluntarily – he was pushed out, apparently).  No one really knew who he was, he got his campaign started by dropping off a $10,000 check to SC Dem party headquarters, and then did pretty much nothing to campaign.  He claims the money was his own personal cash, but there’s that whole “unemployed veteran” thing that makes it seem unlikely that he’d have ten grand just laying around somewhere to blow on a US Senate campaign that he’s almost guaranteed to lose.

So we’ve got a candidate who filed to run in the strangest way possible, didn’t actually campaign once he filed, has raised absolutely no money for his campaign, and still managed to win over the favored candidate by a healthy margin.

And it only gets stranger.  It turns out that Mr. Greene is facing felony obscenity charges for showing obscene images to a female college student and then suggesting that they go up to her room.  This occurred, apparently, not in a big public computer lab on the college campus, but in the smaller, card-access-only lab in a dorm housing mostly female freshmen.  When questioned on this issue by pretty much every media outlet that has managed to get in touch with him, his only response is some form of “no comment.”

One might wonder why no one bothered to bring this up before the primary election so that the voters could, you know, vote intelligently, but that’s water under the bridge at this point.  Horrible South Carolina congressman and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is alleging that this is all part of some conspiracy to plant candidates in SC Congressional races, and for once I’d be inclined to agree… and yet, I just can’t bring myself to do so because I can’t get around the question of why? I mean, I suppose that perhaps the Republicans could have thrown Greene into the mix somehow, but why should they?  DeMint is almost as close as the GOP gets to a lock.  Why bother with the skullduggery in a race you’re almost guaranteed to win?  And lord knows the SC Republicans have been sort of busy making themselves look like complete morons via their conduct in their own gubernatorial primary, what with all the allegations of infidelity and the “sacred honor” and whatnot.

And then there’s this:

After privately meeting with mystery Senate candidate Alvin Greene at a Columbia television station this afternoon, South Carolina State Rep. Bakari Sellers came away believing that Greene is sincere but perhaps misguided in his much-scrutinized bid for Senate.

“I don’t believe he’s a plant,” Sellers told TPMmuckraker in an interview after his meeting with Greene. “I think he just kind of doesn’t know what he’s getting into.”

Sellers added: “I don’t think there’s anything nefarious going on. I think he actually did save his money,” a reference to the $10,440 candidatefiling fee the unemployed Greene paid in March…

…Todd Rutherford, another Democratic state representative who met with Greene today alongside Sellers, told TPMmuckraker, “Before I got to my third question, I could tell that something was awry,” adding, “I don’t know whether everything is OK.”

Rutherford, an attorney, said that if Greene were his client, he would move for a mental evaluation. “If there’s a joke he doesn’t get the joke. If someone paid him to do this, they certainly exploited someone who is vulnerable. It’s not even funny, it’s just sad.”

So perhaps Greene is, in his own special way, legit.  South Carolina Democrats have been calling for him to drop out now that the felony charges have come to light, but again, I have to say why should he? He was on the ballot; he had an opponent; the opponent presumably could have dug into Greene’s record and brought this to light before the election.  And of course Greene hasn’t been convicted of anything, and he meets the basic legal requirements to run, so… why shouldn’t he run?  After all, as Ann Althouse notes, he won:

Now, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn has called for an investigation. Intowhat? People had to vote for Alvin Greene, and he got 60% of the vote. It would be interesting to know why the people of South Carolina voted the way they did, but I don’t think you should sic the government on someone who wins against the odds.

The million dollar question is right there – why in heaven’s name did the people of SC vote for this guy? Are South Carolina Democrats really this careless?  Are they stupid?  Are they fed up with the state party enough to vote for this guy over the party’s choice?  Even if Greene were a plant, he won 60% of the vote. Were the voters plants too?  Did mass amounts of Republicans cross over to screw with the Ds?  That doesn’t seem to be the case.  Perhaps the fact that Greene was alphabetically first on the ballot… but that can’t be it, can it?

This might end up being the most interesting political sideshow in history.

UPDATE: It appears that Greene’s win is just a random occurrence, which can happen when both candidates are almost completely unknown.