This is going to take some getting used to…

…for an airport geek like me, anyway: Yes, United and Continental are merging.  So my current favorite airline (CO) is merging with an airline that I haven’t made it onto yet (UAL), keeping the United name but ditching the UAL logo and livery for Continental’s.  Which is OK, I guess, considering that CO has a nice looking fleet, but I … Read More

“You Will Long For The Creature Your Hands Have Made”

It is rare for me to run across an interview that is powerful enough to raise a lump in my throat, but today I’ve found one.  William Stuntz is a Professor at Harvard Law School and a Christian who has lived for the last decade with excruciating pain, and was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and is not expected to … Read More

From the Maas 4.0 is Go.

Technically, I suppose, it’s marcland 4.0 or whatever, but I’m in the mood to blog again a bit, so why not.