Jennifer Granholm’s Definition of “Success”

Jennifer Granholm is Awful

Her definition of success is apparently very similar to everyone else’s definition of failure. “This is the laboratory of the states right here,” she told NBC’s David Gregory. “And I can tell you what has worked. What has worked is the government smartly intervening to save the auto industry; smartly, strategically, surgically intervening to invest with the private sector to … Read More

Utterly Predictable

The law of unintended consequences strikes the state of Michigan: Since the ban on smoking in [small bars and restaurants] has been implemented, there has been a dramatic DECREASE in attendance at these locations.  Profits are down, and more businesses suffer under the heavy hand of our state government, and the do-gooders who inhabit it. I’m pretty sure that everyone … Read More

A Bit Of Public Hygene In Detroit

Monica Conyers will be changing her residence soon.  For about 37 months, it seems.  Truly, this is a great loss for Michigan’s largest city. Via Ace.