Obamacare: The Greatest Show On Earth

Roll Call posted a fascinating article on Wednesday detailing the growing sense of concern (or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it PANIC!) that many Congressional Democrats—especially those in marginally safe to contested seats—are experiencing over the rolling catastrophe of Obamacare’s implementation. For those who opposed the passage of the law in the first place, it’s a somewhat satisfying … Read More

Jan Brewer FTW

Arizona’s Governor blows Obama out of the water: Allahpundit: Via JWF, in case you’re under any illusions that this issue isn’t a winner in Arizona — the national media’s hysteria notwithstanding — look no further than this. It reminds me of The One’s vow to have Democrats run on ObamaCare in the fall, the only difference being that Brewer’s approval rating bounced 16 … Read More

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

Charles Krauthammer

President Obama was asked a question in a recent town hall meeting on tax increases in Obamacare.  He took 17 minutes to finish his response.  Charles Krauthammer manages to dismantle it in about 6 sentences: I don’t know why you’re so surprised. It’s only nine times the length of the Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln was answering an easier question: the … Read More

In Which The Insanity Of The “Savings” Rationale For Passing Obamacare Is Once Again Demonstrated…

Thumbs Up!

According to Obama, the enactment of Obamacare will save the government $132 billion over the next 10 years.  Well that just sounds peachy until you hear this: $132 billion is equal to only 59 percent of the deficit that the federal government racked up just in the month of February 2010, when the government spent $220.9 billion more than  it took in, the highest monthly shortfall … Read More

You Lie

Sorry folks; Joe Wilson was right on this one: The president, who promised in both word and style to usher in a “new era” of Washington “responsibility,” routinely says things that aren’t true and supports initiatives that break campaign promises. When called on it, he mostly keeps digging. And when obliged to explain why American voters are turning so sharply … Read More

Krauthammer Explains It All

Why is Obamacare so unpopular when individual portions of it poll so well? …that seven-hour televised exercise had the unintended consequence of showing the Republicans to be not only highly informed on the subject, but also, as even Obama was forced to admit, possessed of principled objections — contradicting the ubiquitous Democratic/media meme that Republican opposition was nothing but nihilistic … Read More

Read This And Pass It On

…and then CALL YOUR FREAKING CONGRESSMAN: The Senate-passed bill, upon which the president’s latest offering is modeled, would not let Americans keep the insurance they have today. It would impose deep cuts in the private-insurance component of Medicare, called Medicare Advantage. Those cuts would force millions of seniors out of their current coverage, against their will. They would get much … Read More

This Just In: Paul Ryan Still Possibly Superman

The Weekly Standard: The bottom line? Despite the liberal pushback, Ryan’s arguments remain compelling. (The Journal has more on them here.) Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. When a politician finds his moment, everything breaks his way.