Shocking News: Trust In Government Reaches New Low

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Antigovernment Racist Nazi Skinhead Demons!

Who could have seen this coming?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the U.S. government to do what is right, expressing the highest level of distrust in Washington in half a century, according to a public opinion survey.Only 22 percent of Americans say they trust the government “just about always” or “most of the time,” according to the Pew Research Center survey released on Sunday.

Americans’ trust in the federal government has been on a steady decline from a high of 73 percent during the Eisenhower administration in 1958, when the “trust” question was first posed in a national survey, the research center said.

Over at the HQ, Dave in Texas reminds us that the Tea Party movement remains – in spite of this news – a marginal, extremist movement peopled mostly by skinheads, Nazis, Nazi skinheads and transvestite vampire hookers from Hell.

Tea For Twenty-Four (Percent, That Is)

Tea Party
Damn Nazis!

Turns out that a full quarter of the US population are vile, unapologetic racist Nazis:

Twenty-four percent (24%) of U.S. voters now say they consider themselves a part of the Tea Party movement, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. That’s an eight-point increase from 16% a month ago.

Another 10% say they are not a part of the movement but have close friends or family members who are.

Hitler would be so proud!  Also worth noting:

More noticeably, 96% of the Political Class regard the Tea Party movement unfavorably, while 58% of Mainstream voters have a favorable opinion of the movement.

Screw the political class, I say.  Via Gabe@AceOSpades.

Tea Parties… In Great Britain?

Daniel Hannan = Gob Bluth? Crazy Delicious

We often hear that America should be more civilized like our friends across the pond in Europe.  But is this a sign that our friends across the pond are starting to become a little more like us?

Conservatives in Britain will hold their first Tea Party protest in Brighton on Saturday, with British member of the European parliament (and frequent Fox News guest) Daniel Hannan giving the keynote.

The party web site is here.

“Labour has raised more than a trillion pounds in additional taxation since 1997. Yet, unbelievably, Gordon Brown has still managed to run up a deficit of 12.6% of GDP (Greece’s is 12%). A far lower level of taxation brought Americans out in spontaneous protest last year,” Hannan wrote for the London Telegraph.

It’s about time someone like Hannan showed up in Old Europe.  Goodness knows they’ve needed a dose of fiscal sanity.  Too bad it might take the utter collapse of Greece to wake up that continent.